About Matt

Welcome to my blog.  I have my hand in a great many things – so this is a space for me to write some of my thoughts about life, leadership and worship.  I’m like anybody else really, just trying to be the best I can be and grow along the way.

My name is Matt and I’m a full time worship leader and pastor at The Embassy Church in Oshawa, Canada.  More importantly, I’m loved by Jesus who is my saviour, teacher, brother, friend and king.  I am married to my beautiful wife Jen and together we have 6 incredible kids; Keegan, Macauley, Taylor, Kiera, Alexandra and Ashley!

From Chaos to Calling

I was born in church.  Almost literally!  My parents were attending some revival meetings when I made my entrance into the world.  So while some people say they always attended church, for me it was the truth!

I grew up surrounded by church culture and all kinds of music.  From a young age I sang in choirs, was involved in all the kid’s clubs and started playing the piano.  Piano lessons were a pre-requisite to everything in my house.  And so I practiced and practiced and practiced (not always willingly!) for 10 years!

At the age of 16 I had my first experience leading worship.  I wish I could say it went well.  It didn’t.  For the next six months it seemed like every note I played drove more and more people away from our services!  I was blessed with a mentor and youth pastor that had what seemed like unending patience – not to mention a strong belief that there was something in me that God wanted to use!

During my early teenage years I began to hunger for God like never before.  I cultivated a rich relationship with Him that has been growing ever since.

From Calling to Destiny

I want the most out of life.  I don’t want to exist; I want to live!   I believe that most of the problems we face have answers that come when we spend our lives increasing our awareness of God.  Believing in God and being a Christian isn’t just a religious tag that I wear. I really want to know God and make Him known to other people.  I don’t always succeed in this. In fact, quite often I fail – but I’m getting better every day.  I’m learning to take my eyes off my problems and instead look to Jesus for the answers.  Jesus said to seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all other things would be added – the formula for a worry-free life!  My goal is to cultivate this awareness of Him every day.

I’ve learned that worship isn’t about the songs we sing, choruses, hymns, new or old.  Worship is about our heart.  Worship is about God.  Walking with Him!  What a great privilege it is to offer our entire lives to the one who first loved us!  Have you thought about how much God loves you?  He’s a loving father who has your best in mind!

If you would like more information about me, please get in touch through my contact page.  I love to lead worship and speak about God!

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