Why I’m a BIG Fan of Chris Chase! (…and why you should be too!)

Why I’m a BIG Fan of Chris Chase! (…and why you should be too!)

I can’t hide it anymore.  I’m a BIG fan of Chris Chase.

I’ve taken the liberty of taking this quote directly from his site…because, nobody knows Chris Chase like Chris Chase.

Hi. My Name is Chris Chase. I am a husband, father and an overall work-in-progress.

~ Chris Chase

Some of you may ask, “Why now Matt?  Why after all this time are you telling the world of your critical acclaim for Chris?”  The answer is simple – I talked with him last night and remembered that we were friends once! (Of course that was before his promotion and the beginning of his journey to become the future leader of the PAOC)

Chris and I talked for minutes and minutes about a variety of things.  And then it happened!  He told me something that could very well change my life!

Chris is running a contest on his blog – he’s looking for guest bloggers!

I initially declined his invitation to join the contest.  But after he broke down and sobbed I had to change my position and told him that I would enter his contest.

Following are the top reasons I believe I should be a ‘thatchrischase‘ guest blogger.

1)  We both have beards.  (I am well aware that his beard is FAR superior to mine…but I take solace in the fact that we are both on the same side of the beard/nobeard battle)

2)  I know how to write. (While I may not be the best writer in the world…or even in the top 1 billion…I do know that some of the people he hangs around with can’t even write their names very well – take a look at some of his friends on his blog page…they can’t be older than 5!)

3)  We both cheer for teams that are not in the NBA playoffs. (Admittedly the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball, so my team wouldn’t be in the playoffs of course…but Blue Jays or Lakers…I feel his pain.)

4)  We both have wall sized posters of Bill Gaither on our walls. (this one is in Chris’ den.)

and finally,

5)  We are the best of friends and hang out together all the time! (us hanging out all the time)

In conclusion, I think I am the best candidate for guest posting on thatchrischase.com

To vote, please send a message to Chris and tell him I should win!


My name is Matt Robinson. I am a passionate follower of Jesus, husband to Jen (the kindest most beautiful woman in the world!!!) father to three amazing girls, step-dad to another three amazing kids, and full-time worship leader living in beautiful Bowmanville Ontario; a city about 60 minutes east of Toronto. I want to see the church encouraged to pursue God every day and experience what it's like to live in His presence all the time! I want you to shine brighter! You can visit me on twitter or facebook!

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