Why would you trust me to work on your website without knowing me?  You wouldn’t!  Allow me to introduce myself!

The Beginning

I grew up in a creative family.  My parents encourged me from a young age to use my imagination and love life.

At 9 years old our family got our first computer – it was love at first sight!  Before the age of the internet, I was logging on to a local BBS (Bulletin Board System) and playing online games with people all over the world.

Throughout my teen years and into my 20’s I could always be found with a computer close by.

From 2001 to 2019 I worked full-time as a pastor and started building and maintaining websites in my free-time.  I’ve always been interested in how the internet helps people connect.

My jobs have always allowed me to explore my creative side AND help people connect with others.

The Present

I’ve recently started helping people connect with their ideal clients by building beautiful, targeted websites.  Of course web design is more than just posting a few pictures on a homepage – it’s about helping people relate to each other – building bridges between what you can offer, and what people need.

“Creativity is just connecting things.” ~ Steve Jobs

The great thing about creativity is its abundance.  Many times people struggle to express their ideas to others. You may think it’s because you can’t find the words, when really it’s about limiting the words – because there are so many.

My job is to help you express your ideas to the people who need to hear it.

Fun Facts 

  • I was a Red Cross Swim Instructor as a teenager
  • I grew up in rural Ontario – “Pembroke: the Heart of the Ottawa Valley”
  • I’ve recorded music and have had a song on the radio for 20 years
  • I like Pizza. (too much actually – cause it’s amazing)
  • This is a picture of me and my dad ->