On this page you’ll find pricing for Web Design, Web Care & Maintenance as well as other services offered.  

Web Design & Development

Web Care & Maintenance

SEO, Copywriting & Extras

Hourly Rate


My standard hourly rate for work performed outside of my Advanced & Premium Care plans

Hosting Plan


Proper hosting is crucial to a fast and efficient site.  Starting at $25/mth this plan will make your site plenty quick!

Hacking Cleanup


This fee applies to people who haven’t taken advantage of my Website Care Plans.
(The only way I’ll do this is if you sign up for a care plan moving forward)

Blog Post


(minimum 500 words)
Blog Posts are a great way to target exactly what your client is looking for!

Premium Plugins


Mosting things on your site can be accomplished within the main plans.  From time to time a specific premium plugin may be needed.  

Advanced Security


I can’t guarantee you won’t get hacked, but with this plan it will be next to impossible, and if it does happen site cleanup is included!

Page Content


This is a great option for people who don’t have the time to create content for their page.  (~1000 words/page)

Social Media Graphics


Connecting your website with social media is only the first step. For $50/graphic I can create custom graphics to capture the attention of your clients.

Advanced SEO


This covers the installation of a premium SEO plugin and setup covered for one year. (20% discount upon renewal)