Web care

Taking care of your investement just makes sense. These plans are designed to give you ongoing peace of mind!

Pick the plan that's right for you

Choose from a variety of options that match what you need!


For Beginning

$ 59/month

* Monthly Backups

* Essential Security Setup

* Monthly WordPress / Plugin Updates

* 30 min / month Site Updates

* Discounted Hourly Rate


For Growing

$ 99/month

* Everything in the Essential Plan +

* Weekly Backups

* Weekly WordPress / Plugin Updates

* 1 hour / month Site Updates

* Enhanced Security & Monitoring


For Conquering

$ 199/month

* Everything in the Essential & Plus Plan +

* Daily Backups

* WordPress / Plugin Updates as needed

* 2 hour / month Site Updates

* SEO Keyword Tracking

Other items offered in the Web Care Plans:

Privacy Policies

Termageddon is a trusted source offering constant updates to your site’s privacy policy, so you stay legal!

Performance Checks

It’s imporant to make sure your site is performing optimally – site speed is checked regularly!

Spam Clean-Up

Spam affects us all! Left unchecked, spam can wreck havoic on your site.

Monthly Reports

Each plan includes a monthly report with variying details – so you can see how your site’s perfoming

Hourly Backups

Sometimes if you have an e-commerce or membership site daily backups aren’t enough!


There are bad actors on the internet who don’t want you to succeed. Firewalls will keep them out!

Please Note:  The “Monthly Site Update” time is for items such as; changing business hours, company information, staff or team members or adding new photos or updating services.  Larger projects like adding a new page, re-designing parts of the site or new functionality being added would be considered a new project and can be purchaed at your discounted rate OR as a new fixed-price project!

Are you looking for hosting?

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Signing up with my link helps me out and doesn’t change the discounted cost for you! (Prices start as low as $2.99/month CANADIAN – it’s a great deal!)

Questions Frequently Asked…

Do I have to buy a care plan?

The “Launch Me Quick” plan does require a monthly care plan, however the other custom plans do not.  

I offer these plans because in the long run I’ve seen that they’ve ended up costing much less over time then the cost of fixing broken, outdated and insecure sites.

Regular care means your investement does better over time!


Are there cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees for any of the care plans – they continue until you cancel!

The only exception is the “Launch Me Quick” plan which requires maintaining a Care Plan for a minimum of one year.

The value in having a Care Plan is the savings of time, money and headaches that not having it would cause!

Do you offer these plans on a site you didn't make?

Before taking on a site I didn’t create I’d need to take some time to explore your current site and hosting. There is a minimum 1 hour charge for this discovery process.

If everything looks good I’ll offer either the Plus or Pro plan and all the benefits that come along with it!

What if I require more monthly support than my plan allows?

From time to time there may be a need to have a few more updates than normal.  If when looking at the work to be done it’s determined that this may happen, I’ll offer additional work at your discounted hourly rate – and charge you in 15 min increments.  This way you’re not paying for hours your don’t use!

And of course, we’ll talk about this BEFORE you receive a surprise invoice!

Does my monthly plan time roll over?

Sorry, but no. (or in Canada we’d say, “Ya, no.”)

The time in each plan is locked into that month.  But if you need more time than your plan allows, there is a discounted hourly rate for Care Plan members and extra time is counted in 15 min increments!