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The first step in reaching your ideal audience is to build a space with them in mind!

Pick the Package that's right for you

Custom Web Design Packages

For Smaller Portfolio Sites


This package is an excellent choice for individuals, small businesses, and freelancers looking for a cost-effective solution to establish a solid online foundation. You'll get a beautifully crafted and visually appealing website that showcases your brand and personality.

This type of site can usually be up and running in anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks

For Intermediate to Large Sites


Ideal for expanding businesses and professionals, this package incorporates more customization, offers a more sophisticated web presence while ensuring your website stands out and engages your audience effectively.

This type of site can usually be up and running in anywhere from 6 - 8 weeks

For Large & E-Commerce Sites


This package is perfect for people who want top-notch excellence. Whether you're working on big projects or setting up an online store this is teh web design experience that's made for you! The Deluxe Package is hands down the ultimate choice to make a splash in the online world. Get ready to leave an unforgettable mark!

This type of site can usually be up and running in anywhere from 8 - 12 weeks

All of these packages include the following:


You’ll have access and support from me every step of the way

Content Review

I go through all your copy looking for grammar and speeeling  spelling mistakes

Beautiful Design

A website you’ll be proud to stand behind


The worlds most used website content management system.

responsive site

Able to be viewed on desktop, tablet and phone

SEO Ready

Get found by the worlds most powerful search engine

Choose some add-ons to customize your site! 

Logo Design

Full Page / Site Copy

Custom Illustrations

Premium Stock Images


Launch Me QUICK!

Sometimes what you need is just a quick website! My Launch Me Quick option will have your website designed and launched within a week of you handing me your content. We'll work together to choose from pre-selected templates, setup your hosting and get you online quick!

This option comes with a mandatory one year Care Plan.

What does the design process look like?

The design process looks different for every designer and every project.  But there are a few main categories of the process that stay the same.  Below is a look at my process.  I’ll walk you through every step from our first call to launch day!

Plan & Prepare

We'll talk about what you need, what you're able to afford and when the project can start & end!

Layout & Design

While I'm collecting content and images from you I'll also be working behind the scenes prepare for the intial designs to show you.

Build & Develop

After an initial review of the site, I'll continue to build out and develop the remainder of the pages.

Revise & Optimize

We're almost done! I'll be testing forms, making everything look good on mobile devices and get prepared to launch!

Empower & Launch

It's launch time! Tell your friends, your customers, your enemies - tell everyone Now is when the business begins!

Questions Frequently Asked…

How much does a website cost?

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t have prices on my site.  That’s because every site is differnt. I wouldn’t want you to be nervouse seeing a large price when maybe what you need is something that won’t cost as much!

There are many variables that go into setting up and launching a custom website.  Once we have a conversation to go over everything you’re looking for, I’ll be able to get you a price that will coincide with what you need!

How long will it take?

If you’re really looking to get going, we can look at the “Launch Me Quick” plan which takes about a week once I havde all your content.  

Other plans can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the site and when I get all the content and images.

What do you need from me?

Once we determine what type of site you need, I’ll send you a page of things I’ll need from you.  This could include images, copy, hosting information etc.  I’ll walk you through the whole process so you don’t feel overwhelmed!

How do I know what to include in my site?

This is defintely worth considering!  In order to be seen on search engines, the industry suggestion is that each of your web pages has at least 250 words that help describe your service to your audience.  Google especially likes it when you’re helpful to the people that are looking for you!

I can help you with prompts that will get you thinking and writing about your business.  Included in each plan is basic copy editing (for grammar and spelling mistakes) but if you want you can also take advanctage of my SEO and Copywriting add-ons.

Can't I just build my own website cheaper?

Yes. You can definitely build your own website, although from what I’ve seen it’s rarley cheaper.  The time that you’ll take to learn everything that’s needed to not only build but maintain and grow your site is considerable.  

If you decide to build your own site I’m cheering you on!  Let me know if it gets to be too much, and you need help – that’s what I’m here for!